Friends of the Afar is a ministry of SBPC whose vision is to befriend the People of the Afar so they may become friends of Jesus. The Afari are known as “The Forgotten People of Ethiopia”, but over the last 21 years through a partnership with the Mekane Yesus Church of Ethiopia, we have worked diligently to build trust and relationship with that outcast community. Over the years, we helped our partners build 5 health clinics, which serve nearly 25,000 people yearly. We have also built 10 schools, increasing enrollment in the region from 5,800 to 12,600 children. Our “Keep a Girl in School” program has helped lower the dropout rate among teenage girls from 11% to 4% and for the first time we’re seeing Afari girls become college students. Over 20 women’s Self-Help Groups were started as well. These groups benefit well beyond 300 women with microloans for microenterprises and personal financial education. We have worked to promote sanitation, food and water justice. A total of 10 miles of canals and pipelines have been built, which bringing fresh water to thousands of people, crops and livestock every day. We seek to see the people of the Afar Desert flourish with new life. Although our work in the Afar has already been transformational, we believe it is only the beginning.


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